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We're a bunch of kick ass aerialists who simply love to teach what we do. We love the buzz of being able to share this wondrous skill. We've all fallen in love with the aerial arts and simply want you to too! Life is better when you feel strong, confident and capable of doing amazing things in the air. We invite you to come and learn from our great team, be a part of our amazing community and discover the wonderful joys that doing aerial can bring.



Founder of Skylab. Qualified yoga teacher, ETM classes, aerialist, costume designer and sound practitioner. Astra is passionate about all things aerial, colourful, sacred and ceremonial. Her teaching style is energetic and enthusiastic as she always get over excited about whatever she is doing!

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Suzie is a London based performer who dances, teaches, choreographs, contorts and does circus tricks. Her speciality is contortion and aerial hoop. Her teaching style is super approachable and friendly, and she has the knack for getting the best out of you. She's here to motivate, encourage and make stretching fun.

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Rebecca is a multi-award winning aerialist and has qualifications in yoga, pre / post natal, kettlebells, nutrition and ETM classes. She is very fluid, technical, and super dynamic. She teaches all levels from beginners - advanced. Her teaching style is to encourage you every step of the way to do things you never thought you could do!

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Jo is an accomplished and experienced international aerialist and acrobat, with over 13 years experience performing gymnastics, theatre and circus. She equally loves to teach and works at several of the London circus studios. Her teaching style is energetic, encouraging and technical, drawing from her extensive background in circus. 

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Come and learn the breathtaking, athletic art of aerial dance amongst a wonderful community of like minded students, with an amazing group of teachers in a totally fabulous studio.



Jackie is like a ninja master when it comes to aerial and she blends an awesome amount of personality, high level skills as well as a great deal of clarity in her teaching methods. Why ninja? Because she has an extraordinary ability of meeting you exactly where you are at and knows exactly when to push you to new levels or when to ease off and give you tons of encouragement.

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Anna is an incredibly talented performer specialising in Hoop, Silks, Pole and Contortion. Anna started gymnastics at 5 years old and from 2001 she formed part of the core British Rhythmic Gymnastics Squad. She moved to Argentina in 2007, where she first discovered her passion for circus and has never looked back since. She is calm and encouraging in her friendly teaching style.

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skylab studio aerial hoop class

Skylab Studio is gorgeous gem of a place in the centre of Camden town, tucked behind near where the markets are. We're fully equipped for all your aerial needs with 6 sets of hoops, silks, crash mats and a mirrored wall. We're a unique set up in a loft style warehouse, and as such offer small and friendly classes to all who want to learn. 

We're just a short walk from Chalk Farm tube station or Kentish Town West overground.


Find us on a map here.



We believe that there is an aerial dancer in every single one of you out there.


All it takes are the right teachers, the right environment and the right community to help you discover the aerial potential within you.

All our teachers are aerial performers in their own right. And we all share the same passion for sharing our skills with other people. 

We deliver high quality aerial dance classes that are both informative, challenging, but most of all fun.

Because we want you to enjoy and fall in love with aerial as much as we have.

So that aerial becomes a way of life!

skylab studio aerial hoop class

Aerial is not a destination

 It's a way of life