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1.) Anyone who has been in contact with the virus must quarantine for the set amount of time before visiting the studio as per Government guidelines.

2.) Everyone must sanitise or wash hands as soon as they enter the studio.

3.) Students are to use one piece of equipment only, and not share or swop equipment during a class.

4.) Students are to sanitise all equipment after use (including all mats and hoops) with the sanitiser spray and cloths provided.

5.) Silks will be quarantined for 3 days after each usage.

6.) There must be social distancing at all times inside the studio. 

7.) There will be no spotting during class. The focus will be on conditioning, sequencing and choreography rather than learning difficult tricks.

8.) There will be no changing room facility upstairs so we ask students to arrive already changed if possible, or if not to use the bathroom.

9.) Proper ventilation of the studio will occur at all times including having the windows open / fan blowing.

10.) Floors and surfaces will be wiped clean in between classes by the studio manager.


11.) Class timings will alter slightly to allow for 15 mins changeover time. This will allow for extra cleaning and less people in and out at once.

12.) There will be no more hammock classes ongoing, since we don't have enough equipment to quarantine them after each usage.

13.) It will up to the students discretion as to whether they wear masks or not during class.

All of the above is inline with current guidelines as set out by the Government and UK Active and subject to change at any time.

Your co-operation is appreciated as we aim to keep Skylab as safe as possible for everyone during these difficult times.