woman doing aerial silks

are you new to aerial?




If you've never done aerial before and want to try it out, sign up to one of our Aerial Taster classes and we'll give you an introductory 'taste' as to what it's all about.

Hoop and silks included. All levels welcome.

£10 (45 mins) 3 people max


If you want to get started, we offer Beginner Courses in Hoop and Silks that are geared specifically towards the aerial newbie. No experience required but you will need enough upper body strength in order to get up on the equipment.

£100 (75 mins) 6 people max


If you're a total beginner and need some strength training plus a little extra encouragement, we offer our Kickstart Course where we teach aerial basics and strength training using the hammocks. During the last lesson you'll have a taster session on the hoops and silks.

£80 (60 mins) 6 people max


If you don't know how strong you need to be - come to the Taster class and we can recommend which course is best suited to you.



I get asked this a LOT so below is a list of the pros and cons for both of them. And if you want to come and try them out then the Aerial Taster class will give you an introduction to both.

woman doing aerial hoop



It's easier to get started on since you have a metal bar to sit on and make pretty shapes in. There's lot's of easy shapes to begin with.


It will hurt your hands a bit until they toughen up. You're dealing with a hard metal bar - some tricks can involve a little pain! 

woman doing aerial silks



You're working with fabric - much softer to deal with and not so painful on the body. You build strength more quickly.


It's probably harder to learn in the beginning (no bar to sit on) so you'll be on your arms for longer. The tricks involve lots of complex wraps which take longer to learn.


Lucy Gerard

Thank you Skylab for all that you do. The teachers are amazing and it's thanks to you that I now love aerial so much!

Samantha White

Aerial is the best thing and it's the highlight of my week. Skylab is very welcoming - I think I've found my second home.

Amanda Whiles

I discovered aerial a while ago and now I don't know how I would cope without my aerial practice. So much fun.

See what our students have to say...

Frequently asked questions

Can anyone do aerial?

Yes pretty much! As long as you're fit and healthy and prepared for a challenge then yes you can do aerial. We currently only teach adults in the group classes. If you are younger than 16 years of age then we offer private 1-2-1 sessions.

Do you need to be strong and flexible to do aerial?

You do need a certain amount of strength in order to lift your body weight in the air and get up on the equipment, but you do not need to be flexible. Flexibility allows you to make prettier shapes in the air but this is not a necessity for taking aerial classes.

How strong do you need to be in order to take an aerial class?

You need enough strength in order to lift yourself on and off the equipment by yourself. Come to one of our Taster classes and you'll be able to have a go at this. We advise that you should be able to do an assisted pull up (with a stretchy band) in order to get the most out of a Beginners Course. If you struggle with getting on and off a hoop, doing an invert, and doing one silk climb then we recommend that you do our Kickstart Course first until you can do this.

I'm a gymnast / dancer do I need to do the Beginners course or can I skip straight to Level 2.

No you must complete the Beginners course first since training aerial is a completely different discipline. The levels are progressive so you need to complete each level first before you move onto the next.

What happens if I'm feeling unwell on the day of class?

It's best not to do aerial when you're feeling unwell. This is because aerial uses a lot of energy and if you're sick your body needs this to help you recover. If you booked in for a Taster please try and give us 24 hours notice so that we can re-schedule you for another day. If you're booked on a course we try and offer you one missed class catch up lesson in an alternative group. Or is if there is no space available then we offer you one free Air time per course.

What should I wear?

Comfortable gym wear that cover the backs of your legs (ideally close fitting so you don't reveal when you go upside down). Baring you skin is not such a good idea since the equipment can rub and cause friction burns. It is best to cover up for protection. No dangly jewellery and no rings when doing hoop (as they will bend out of shape).

Can I do a drop-in class?

We only offer classes in 4 week blocks. This is because we find that the quality of teaching is better since the teacher can get to know you more, and you get to know everyone in the class better. The only drop-ins we do are Aerial Tasters and Air Time sessions.

How much are the classes?

Kickstart Courses are £80 (for 4 x 60 min classes) Beginner Courses are £100 (for 4 x 75 min classes) Levels 2 - 4 are £125 (for 4 x 90 min classes) This means that classes work out at £20 per class. Tasters are £10 (45 min class) and Air Time is £12 (60 min class).

When are the classes?

All the courses start at the beginning of each month (occasionally there are 5 week months so we run 5 week courses). The timetable may change from month to month depending on teacher availability and demand. So please check the timetable for current courses.

Can I book a course in advance?

Normally booking courses is available up to 3 months in advance. However due to Covid we are now operating on a month by month basis.

How many people in a class?

We now have 6 people max in our group classes. For Air time it's 4 people max and for a Taster it's 3 people. This is due to Covid restrictions (not being able to share equipment) and rigging points.

What's the best way to get to the studio?

We are located in the centre of Camden and the nearest tube station is Chalk Farm (northern line) which is a 10 min walk away, and Kentish Town West (overground) 5 min walk.

Is there car parking at the studio?

There is a yard next to the studio but no parking is allowed - although if you come on a Sunday it will be very quiet and you can park at your own risk. Alternatively Morrisons have a car park nearby which you can park for free in for 2 hours.

Can I lock my bike up somewhere?

There is a bike rack in the yard that you can lock your bike up to.

How long are the classes?

It depends which level you're in. For Beginners and Kickstart classes are 60 minutes. For Levels 2 - 4 classes are 90 minutes. Taster classes are 45 minutes. Air Time is 60 minutes.

Do you have a changing room?

Not at the moment, although there is space in the hallway where you can leave your stuff. Please come already changed where possible or otherwise change in the bathroom. Valuables can be brought inside the studio and left in the seating area.

I have some persistant injuries - is this a problem?

It's simply not a good idea to train aerial with injuries. This is because you may cause further injury to yourself or potentially put yourself at risk due to the body not being able to cope with the demands aerial puts on it. It's better to be safe and rest and fully recover before training aerial. Remember this is the only body you have so be kind to it.

Is Skylab insured and the rigging safe?

All our teachers have Public Liability Insurance. All our rigging is checked and certified every 6 months by a professional rigging company.

What is your cancellation policy?

We require 24 hours notice in order to re-schedule or refund a class or course. You can cancel from your account or alternatively pop us an email and we can do it for you.

I'm not sure what level I am?

If you're not sure then pop us an email stating how long you've been training for and what the five last moves you've been working on. Then we can advise which would be the best group for you.

I'm finding the course to hard / easy what should I do?

If there is available space in an easier / more advanced level we are more than happy to swap you into it. Please note however that due to Covid restrictions our class numbers are restricted so there's not as much space available.

Can I bring my own equipment to use?

Of course. We also have the rigging cupboard available if you want to store the equipment inbetween classes. Please make sure that you name your apparatus to avoid any mix up confusions.

Do you have rosin to use at the studio?

Yes we sell rosin balls for £5.

What happens if I need to miss a class out of the 4 week block?

Ideally we like you to be able to attend all 4 sessions since this helps with keeping the flow of the group. However we do understand that Londoners are busy and may need to miss a session. We'll try and swap you into an alternative session so that you don't miss out on teaching time. However this is only possible if we have available space (please let the teacher know as soon as you know you'll be away so that we can add you to the spreadsheet). Sorry but we can't rollover missed sessions into the next month since this gets way too complicated. If no available spaces have come up during the month then we're happy to credit you a free Air time at the end of the month. Please email us regards this.

I've just realised that I can't do the course - can I defer it for a month?

As long as you give us at least 24 hours notice so that we have time to give the spot to someone else, yes we can defer your booking to another month. Just pop us an email as soon as possible and let us know which month you prefer to do and we'll sort it out.

Do you do private 1-2-1's or private group bookings?

Yes we do although only subject to availability of the studio and teachers. Please email us here for further info. For private 1-2-1's the cost is £75 per hour. For private group sessions the cost is £20 per person per hour (min 4 people - max 6). With availability Mon - Fri between 4 - 6pm.

Do you do studio hire?

We currently can only offer studio hire between the following times: Monday - Friday between 4 - 6pm The cost is £30 per hour.

I'm afraid of heights - is this a problem?

Absolutely not as we start your training from the floor and build things up gradually. The stronger you get the less fear you'll have until it won't be such an issue. Thus doing aerial is a great way to conquer your fear! When I started I was afraid of heights, but when my strength developed and I realised I could trust my body and it's capabilities, a new confidence and ease with being at height established itself. Quick disclaimer - just to clarify the fear of heights never fully goes away. There's always an amount of fear involved with training at height and this is normal. What happens is you become strong and you learn how to deal with this fear, rather than the fear get the better of you.

What age / weight / height do you teach?

We mainly teach adults 18 - 50 years, but if you're older that's ok too! It's about having the enthusiasm to do it that counts. We also make exceptions for younger ages (14 - 16) as long as they are ok joining an adult class but please email us just to make sure. We currently don't have an Aerial Youth Group but we may be bringing this back so please message me here and I will add you to the list if you're interested. If you're very overweight then training aerial may not be for you, since you need to be able to lift your own body weight off the floor. Height is not an issue.

I want to book my friend in - is it possible to book two people?

Unfortunately the booking system only allows to book for one person, so your friend will need to create an account of their own. If this is not possible (for instance if you want the class to be a surprise for them / they don't have a credit card) there is a work around as follows: You can pay either by Paypal to astra@skylabstudio.co.uk or by BACS transfer and I can book them in for you. Please message me here stating their full name / email address / which class and on what date you want me to book them in for.

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