We offer self practice sessions where you can come and play on the equipment... Perfect for honing all those newly learned tricks!

£12 per hour / 4 people max

First come first serve basis for the rig points. And a teacher will do the rigging for you.

You must be safe training on your own at height. If we don't know you, we will ask you to sign a waiver form stating that you understand safe practice.

Due to Covid restrictions we cannot supply any silks, but you're welcome to bring in your own set. 

Un-taped hoops are provided.

woman doing aerial hoop

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Frequently asked questions

Can I do Air time if I'm a complete beginner?

No. You need to have done at least our Beginner's Course or have been training for at least 3 months so that we know that you are safe to work at height on your own.

Can I do Air time even if I'm not taking classes at your studio?

Yes of course! You will however need to sign a waiver declaration at the studio, stating that you understand what's involved with training at height by yourself, so that we know that you understand self practice.

Can I bring in my own equipment to train on?

Yes of course. Although any equipment that takes up more space than one rigging point (for example straps and double hoop) will not be allowed.

What equipment do you have available at the studio?

Single point (un-taped) hoops in two different sizes (90cm / 100cm) Silks 3 ply corde lisse Doubles trapeze

Can I bring a friend and share a rigging point?

When Covid restrictions stop this is perfectly fine. But at the moment we can only allow people to share equipment if they are in a training support bubble.

I need to rehearse a routine - can I play my track during Air time?

Please ask the other people training in the space if that's ok with them first. Technically Air time is for everyone to train and not for individuals to rehearse. However if the others are ok with you rehearsing, then this is fine as long as you don't end up annoying the group.

woman performing aerial silks


We're massive fans of watching aerial dance and we absolutely love to encourage our students to perform.

As such we organise Student Showcases every three months, where our advanced students have the opportunity to show off their routines.

It's always a big Skylab occasion - we theme the event and everyone gets super excited about it. Great for inspiration if you're an aerial newbie, and just really good fun to get our community together to celebrate what aerial is all about.

If you think that this is something you'd like to get involved in please message me here and I'll add you to the performer list.

Sadly, due to Covid there'll be no Showcases for the foreseeable future. But as soon as restrictions have lifted we will definitely be holding a celebratory Showcase to mark the occasion!



Butterfly Summer Showcase

Can't wait to see what the next showcase will bring!