safety protocols

1.) Sanitise / wash hands when you enter the studio.

2.) Scan the QR code on the door with the NHS app.

3.) No sharing of equipment during class.

4.) Sanitise equipment after use (mats and hoops) with the sprays and cloths provided.

5.) Silks will be quarantined for 3 days after each use.

6.) Social distancing at all times inside the studio. 

7.) No spotting during class unless in an emergency. The focus will be on conditioning / choreography rather than difficult tricks.

8.) There'll be no changing room upstairs, so arrive already changed if possible, or if not use the bathroom.

9.) Floors and surfaces to be wiped clean by the studio manager.


10.) 15 mins changeover time between classes to allow for extra cleaning and less people in and out at once.

11.) It will up to the students discretion as to whether they wear masks or not during class. However I recommend wearing a mask until you reach your designated rigging point.

Your co-operation is appreciated as we aim to keep Skylab as safe as possible for everyone during these difficult times.